Funky Butterfly Art – Print or Kindle

Fun Funky Butterfly Art

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Fun Funky Butterfly Art

Fun Funky Art Coffee Table Series

Art by Deborah Carney

Butterflies are colorful and brighten our days. They are also great subjects for art to enhance their beauty. In this book we have fun, funky butterfly art that we hope you enjoy and that will make you smile.

Fun Funky Art Featuring Cats

I love cats. I love photography. I love art. The fun funky cat art series is based on all three.

This book has no purpose other than to entertain you and make you smile. It makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile. I was originally going to caption the photos, but decided it would be more fun to let you form your own caption for each image.

These are full color books that will display best in Kindle Apps or on a Kindle Fire.

This is a full color book of art of close ups of cat’s eyes. If you love cats and love looking into their eyes, this is the book for you. Best viewed on a color Kindle App or a Kindle Fire, the majority of the images are best viewed in horizontal.

I hope you enjoy the art, enjoy the cats and that the book makes you smile.

~ Deborah Carney

True Stories About Cats and Dogs by Mrs. Eliza Lee Follen

From our companion site Cool Cat Sites:

True Stories About Cats and Dogs by Mrs. Eliza Lee Follen is presented here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and if you would like to have a copy to print and read offline, right click and save as for a text file of the entire book.

If you know of any images that go along with this book, please leave a comment, we would love to add some illustrations!

Mouser Cats’ Story by Amy Prentice

From our companion site Cool Cat Sites:

Mouser Cats' Story Cover
Mouser Cats’ Story
by Amy Prentice is from a collection of stories entitled “Aunt Amy’s Animal Stories”. This story comes to you by way of Project Gutenberg complete with illustrations and a frontispiece in colors by J. Watson Davis. The story was originally published in 1906. It is broken up into posts, to make it easier to read, but because of the way blogs work, you actually need to read it by clicking “Previous Post” on the bottom of each page instead of “Next Post”. We are working on making a better way for this to work 🙂 If you would like to read the whole thing yourself offline, you can download the zip file here